Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA)


Our certification preparation course includes:

  • 15 hours of online/classroom instruction led by an experienced supply chain management expert

  • A study guide with all the slides and exercises. Note that the self study option also includes the 15 hours of training on recorded video sessions

  • 2 hour review of the CSCA exam.

  • 2 hour online/classroom CSCA exam

Note: CSCA certificate is valid for three years upon receipt of the certificate. Renewal is required after 3 years and wll cost USD 50. Please see detailed renewal process and requirements here


This program is ideal for:

  • Those just getting started in the field of supply chain management.

  • Anyone that comes into contact with customers or suppliers.

  • Anyone that impacts the flow of materials or information.

  • Entrepreneurs who wear multiple hats and have to know basics of how to optimize costs

  • Those that will be part of improvement initiatives such as creating a lean supply chain or implementing an ERP system.



Ways to pursue the Certification

  1. In person session with instructor - Can be organized in your area if there is a group of 20+ people taking the course. Please contact us to arrange for one
  2. Online - For people who have a busy schedule with unanticipated changes no problems, we have a solution for you. We will send you the study material which includes a full video recording of the instructor- six (6) sessions of 2.5 hours each alongwith the presentations/study material and you can study at your own pace/view unlimited times. When ready, send us an email and we will send you login instructions for your online exam at your preferred dates/times.These sessions happen every month and you can join one by looking at our event calendar here




Areas covered in the CSCA Workshop:

Session-01:    Supply Chain Overview
Session-02:    Strategy
Session-03:    Framework for Discussion
Session-04:    Fundamental Issues
Session-05:    Aggregate Planning
Session-06:    Role of Inventory in Supply Chain
Session-07:    Material Requirement Planning
Session-08:    Sourcing
Session-09:    Purchasing
Session-10:    Manufacturing
Session-11:    Transportation
Session-13:    Sales Order Fulfillment
Session-14:    Lean and Continuous Improvement
Session-15:    Sustainability
Session-16:    Team Dynamics


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