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Supply Chain Club kickoff and CLSSYB (Yellow Belt) Certification session at Colorado State University USA

SCNext and Colorado State SCM club kickoff

SCNext in association with Colorado State University (CSU), a premier supply chain school in the US kicked off its supply chain club event. Participants were introduced to activities of the club, some delicious treats followed by some supply chain fun and games. SCNext is proud to bring valuable supply chain education to new batch of Colorado State University students

SCNext Yellow belt certification program

Following the kick-off, SCNext organized a Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification (CLSSYB) by ISCEA for the participants. This session was well received and the participants had an excellent overview of the course taught by Dr E.C.Jones, Lean Six Sigma guru faculty member at University of Texas Arlington and certified ISCEA expert. The turnout was great and SCNext will be organizing another certification session end of year for the rest of the batch. Congrats to those that passed this exam. We wish you all the best in your career

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